Galvanised Steel Pipe Posts


We can supply pretty well all the regularly used diameter galvanised pipe product in various wall thicknesses that you need to your applications. We supply ...

  • pipe starting from 20NB all the way through to 100NB
  • extra light through to extra heavy wall thicknesses
  • std 6.5m and 7.2m lengths and cut to any specific length you need
  • fence application lengths include 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, 2700 and 2900mm
  • security fence posts complete with indentations for securing barb wire and complete with a cap are readily available
  • if you want 1 piece through to sling lots - we can look after you!
  • We also stock the Elgate range of galvanised fence fittings
  • All galv pipe products are also available in a range of powder coated finishes - call us for details & pricing (minimum order quantities and charges apply for powder coated products).
  • Minimum order and delivery charges will apply for long lengths of pipe due to the freight surcharges imposed by transport companies - we can cut long pipe pieces (e.g. 6.5m and 7.2m) down to half lengths to avoid incurring delivery length surcharges.

 Product codes for pipe sizes are based on the NB (nominal bore) pipe naming convention:-

  20NB = 26.9mm OD

  25NB = 33.7mm OD

  32NB = 42.4mm OD

  40NB = 48.3mm OD

  50NB = 60.3mm OD

   65NB = 76.1mm OD

  80NB = 88.9mm OD 

  100NB = 114.3mm OD

We are large project specialists and have helped customers save substantial amounts on their project materials - at least 20% and often more. We work direct with the steel mills, can deliver cut to length packs to eliminate labour and wastage - further reducing your project material costs. Call us on 1300 530 306 and we'll provide you with a quote for your project.


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