Quality Assurance

TFS believes in and is totally commited to giving our customers products that meet the applicable Australian Standards and our own internal specifications. To this end we have our own employees select only suppliers that meet our criteria and can comply with our Quality Assurance procedures. We assess them in great detail, inspect their production facilities and manufacturing processes before we include them in our panel of suppliers for specific products.

Our staff often attend various stages of the production processes for individual products; we randomly select items and components to carry out a series of tests, measurements and other assessments to ensure every order meets our specifications. Any product not meeting our specifications is rejected and not accepted for shipping. Where necessary we also engage external independent quality testing agencies to conduct specific tests on various elements of each product to confirm compliance with our specifications and the Australian Standard.

As we purchase a very large quantity of products, sometimes (but not very often at all) manufacturing defects may not always be picked up during pre-shipment inspections. Where products delivered to our customers have any form of defect,TFS will replace the defective product or refund the customer's purchase price in accordance with our pro-rata warranty policy. Products we source from other suppliers are covered by the individual supplier / manufacturer's warranty.