1. Brisbane made chainwire mesh

    Brisbane made chainwire mesh

    Freshly installed and now into production, our chainwire mesh weaving machine is up and running in our Brisbane factory. We have 7 different diamond sizes including 25, 32, 40, 45, 50, 60 and 100mm. Standard sizes are the 50 & 60mm, all other sizes are made to custom order - lead times and MOQ's apply. Roll widths range from 600mm through to 3600mm.

    All wires are heavy hot dip galvanising - 230gsm coating of zinc. Black PVC coated finish available. All products comply with AS2423 standards and specifications.

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  2. TFS Fabrication

    TFS Fabrication

    The Fencing Store has added to our fabrication capabilities with the acquisition of a pipe saw, end notcher and bender together with welding gear enabling us to fabricate all sorts of gates - residential chain wire, rural farm gates, commercial and security pedestrian and vehicle access gates. We stock a range of gates but are focused upon custom fabrication to customer orders.

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  3. PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh - Pool Fencing

    PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh - Pool Fencing

    Our black PVC coated wedled wire mesh roll product is frequently used in pool fencing applications. Various states use the same national standard although interpretation of the rules can vary from state to state. The advantange of the black PVC is that is tends to "disappear" into the background and is not intrusive visually. Its is a very cost effective means of fencing off larger fence areas.

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  4. Safety Handrail

    Safety Handrail

    With increasingly demanding workplace safety requirements, providing safety handrails around an elevated air conditioning platform on a roof top provides a great example of how versatile and useful the modular clamp system is. In this classic installation, all the materials were prepared in the workshop and taken to site.

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  5. How to Make Your Own Steel Soccer Goals

    Creating your own solid soccer goals out of steel is easier than you think. This post details how this Brisbane familty created their own soccer goal using galvanised steel pipe and clamp fittings.

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  6. 81 Applications of Pipe clamp Fittings

    One of the best features of mallable Iron pipe fittings is the versatility that they offer in creating almost anything you could imagine. As an added bonus, the fastening system means that it is easy to install and take down again, making it useful for both permanent and temporary installations. Combine the fittings with lengths of pipe steel, and the imagination is your biggest limitation. To give you an idea of some uses for clamp and steel pipe, we have compiled a little list of some of the different things people have used pipe clamps to construct.

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  7. How To Choose Chain Wire Fencing Products

    Chain Wire or Chain link fencing is one of the most versatile types of fencing meshes, used for a wide variety of applications in domestic, rural, commercial and industrial fencing. There are a lot of different options when choosing chain wire mesh, and this guide aims to clarify the most common questions people have to the various specifics available when choosing the right products to make their chain wire fence. Click here for a guide to chain fire fencing.

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  8. The Fencing Store is appointed as Kwikclamp Distributor

    The Fencing Store is appointed as Kwikclamp Distributor

    The Fencing Store has been appointed as a distriubutor for the renowned Kwikclamp range of modular fittings, clamps and safety barrier products. These are the top end of fittings that are widely used in a huge variety of applications and situations.

    Kwikclamp is and Australian company supplying a high quality brand of highly versatile high quality malleable iron pipe fittings - they are designed for easy, simple and fast erection by hand with a minimum of tools. It is a cost effective, efficient system particularly compared with traditional methods of construction such as welding where specialist tools, extensive transing and experience are required.

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  9. Customer Feedback

    The following is an unedited email contact from a Tasmanian customer. We always appreciate feedback so we can continue to give our customers the best possible service.

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your assistance today. The order confirmation has been received.

    Over the past few months I had exhausted all the local outlets including Bunnings, Roberts rural supplies and specialised fencing outlets in the north of Tassie, but none supplied a product that matched your quality. None of the local agencies were interested in sourcing a PVC coated product. We especially wanted a fine durable mesh that could be anchored at ground level and fine enough to deter or at least diminish the number of snakes (which are aplenty in this area : tiger and copperhead!).

    The provision of samples and your helpful manner reflects well on your organisation that others may try to imitate but will never emulate.

    Hopefully I can encourage friends and colleagues to consider your products.

    Kind regards,


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  10. Brisbane snakes on the move!

    RESIDENTS in Brisbane are being warned to watch out for snakes on the move after last week’s deluge in the southeast.

    Snake Catcher with 1300 Catch It Julia Baker, known as the “Snake Shelia”, said Snakes often appeared in suburban areas after rain looking for warmth.

    “I’ve just pulled one out of a chicken coop. It was nestled among the eggs and wasn’t even interested in eating them,” she said.

    North Lakes mum Michelle Whittington said her son came across a snake that looked suspiciously like a brown snake on Friday morning while he was on his regular walk to school.

    But Ms Baker said the snake was a Keelback, which are often mistaken for one of the world’s deadliest snakes, the Eastern Brown.

    “They are often mistaken for Eastern Browns, but are totally harmless and quite reluctant to even bite,” she said.

    “The rain does bring out the frogs and toads as well, which in return will bring out the Keelbacks. By the way, Keelbacks are awesome to have around because they can and will eat Cane toads quite happily!”


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