Garden Bed Protection

Many of us are venturing enthusiastically into growing our own vegies and other garden plants. We invest wisely into modular garden beds and wait expectantly for our crops to bear their goodies only to find other unwanted thieves are helping themselves to our delights. Birds, rats, mice and other small animals also love our vegies so the challenge is to keep them out long enough for us to enjoy our crops.

Here's an example of how a customer near Newcastle used our black PVC welded wire mesh to erect a highly effective barrier around her raised garden bed to keep birds and other critters away from her vegetables. The black PVC finished mesh was selected because it provides a much higher level of resistance and protection against the natural acids or alkalines present in all soils - these have a corrosive effect on galvanising and over time will wear down the galvanising allowing rust to start on the wire. The 1200mm wide mesh was buried well below the upper soil level so the mesh did not require any other vertical supports. Poly pipe split along its length formed a top edge and a "lid" of mesh was placed on top to stop birds getting in - a really simple but highly effective way to protect your natural veggie crops!