Debris Barriers

An issue facing many commercial building owners and managers is how stop prevent debris entering or falling down through glassed windows in the event that the glass shatters for whatever reason. This was the case at the Queensland Rail Museum in Ipswich, SW of Brisbane. The old and very attractive former railway workshops building has a large area of glass along the "saw tooth" ridges along the roof line. To prevent the prospect of any shattered glass falling down onto museum visitors a mesh barrier was created using welded wire mesh.

A steel frame was made to suit the dimensions of the windows and 9.5mm sq welded wire mesh was attached to the frame on the inside of the window line. In the event that a window was broken or shattered the fragments would be caught and contained by the galvanised mesh - greatly reducing the likelihood of any glass falling down into any pedestrian areas.

The same principle can be applied to place the mesh on the outside of any window or similar area to stop any debris hitting the windows are birds etc entering through openings to the build area within.


Galvanised welded wire mesh is attached to a steel frame which has then been secured below the glass windows to prevent any glass or debris falling below

The Qld Rail Musem has extensive banks of windows throughout the building - welded wire mesh was used to create very effective debris barriers