An increasing number of local councils are requiring cat owners to constrain their pets to the owners property boundaries in a growing recognition that cats take a heavy toll on native wildlife - birds, small animals and reptiles. Cats are obviously a natural hunter so they are just following their instincts. Erecting a suitable enclosure presents its own issues of what materials to use to get the strength and durability of the enclosure without creating an eyesore or impeding natural property views. Welded wire meshes in a black PVC finish answers all these requirements as seen in this example ...

Our 1800m wide black PVC welded wire mesh in the 12.5mm square mesh & 1.25mm diam wire was used to create an unobtrusive enclosure around a pergola area. The mesh went all around the pergola area from top to ground level meaning no joins along the middle (which would be the case if narrower widths mesh rolls were used).

In this instance, the views out over adjoining bushland were not diminished as the black PVC finish on the mesh always blends into the background whereas other plain galvanised or green meshes jump into the field of view, obstructing precious views and creating a much more closed in feeling.


Black PVC coated welded wire mesh has been used to create a highly effective enclosure without interferring with the view to the bush.

Pic below shows and enclosure built onto the side of a house allowing easy access in and out of the enclosure - enclosure built by Wyong Sheds (Tuggerah NSW)

 Precious pets are kept where they are meant to be.

Note how the black PVC coated mesh receeds visually into the background - gives better view of the pets!

Cat enclosure