Building a Snake-Proof Fence

12th December 2012 By Mel & Steve - Adelaide

A customer north of Adelaide has used our 6.5mm galvanised mesh to snake proof their dog enclosure to protect their prize Bull Mastiffs from venomous snakes. Their existing fencing mesh kept the dogs in but allowed snakes and other vermin to move into the dog area. The 1200mm wide 6.5mm mesh was placed 900mm up the fence height and then 300mm flat on the ground as shown in these pictures. It works superbly and the proud mastiff owner reports that since erecting the new snake barrier, no snakes have made their way into the dog run but they are still seeing snakes on the outside.

The new 6.5mm snake mesh was fixed to the existing wire fencing using hog rings and fencing staples to the timber posts. Where the mesh sat flat on the ground, galvanised steel tent pegs are driven into the ground. This fixing works perfectly and the 300mm flat to ground section prevents any snakes or vermin from gain entry at ground level.



The only area we have completed thus far is around the large dog compound and our outdoor entertaining area as Steve had to have an operation on his knee. I can tell you though that the snake/vermin mesh has been great. It allows us to keep snakes at bay without killing which occurs when using other means such as  bird netting.  We learnt a few valuable lessons when putting it up, the main one being place it on the outside of the area you want to keep snake proof not the inside (if you are covering existing fencing). Not sure if that makes sense but all you want facing the snakes is the snake mesh with no posts or other fence wire as these can be used by snakes to climb. It was also a little fiddly to go around external corners as you have to cut the mesh and then patch with another piece (see pics attached) and internal corners have to be folded. Additional benefits of this mesh is that visibility is barely reduced with this mesh – you can hardly see it once up. We placed the mesh 900 high with 300 on ground (pegged) but it could be dug in. We have had quite a few snakes (browns here) on our property where it is not protected – nearly stepping on two! – but none at all where we have fenced off with your mesh.

 It is also a little fiddly around gates so Steve has put in a concrete step to mesh (see pics).

Hope this helps. Photo’s show pegging, attachment to existing fence via wire clips, corner folds, cutting of outer corner, patching on outer corner, etc

 Mel and Steve


An update - May 2013

Hi there

The snake/vermin mesh kept our three beautiful dogs safe from 8 very large brown snakes (4ft plus) and numerous babies over the summer. We couldn’t be happier. I think you will agree the pup has grown somewhat from the pics we sent you (pictured right at 9 months old)!

We are planning on building another dog run or two and wondering if you guys sell the 50mm x 50mm dog mesh in 1200 high by 30m or longer? 

We have little doubt we would have had a snake bite fatality without the snake mesh … love the stuff!!

Mel and Steve and our three girls.




Snake mesh is fixed to the outside of an existing fence


A concrete strip is laid under the gate and a metal piece fixed to the gate to stop snakes from getting under the gate











Mesh is laid out flat for about 300mm on the outside of the existing fence to stop snakes from getting close to where they may be able to climb up (unlikely). Galvanised steel tent pegs are used to firmly fix the mesh to the ground


When going around a corner, the snake mesh is cut and an extra piece inserted to give the continuous ground cover




6.5mm X 6.5mm mesh used for snake proofing  fences. Now also available in PVC.