Adjustable & Fixed Angle TEE's


Galvanised Adjustable and fixed angle tees fittings are used mainly for fixing stays to fence posts - they available in a number of different sizes and configurations enabling the 90 degree right angle connecting of through and butt pipes. Click on the images on the left side of this page to view the Butt/Thru configuration and the A/B/C measurements (mm) of each fitting.

The adjustable tees can rotate through 120 degrees enabling you to connect through and butt pipe pieces to most required angles. The fixed angle tee is 60 degrees.

There are more Adjustable Angle Tees in the Elgate range than what we have displayed on the website, call us for pricing for other through and butt pipe combinations. Powder coated colours are also available to special order - call for pricing and availability (minimum orders and charges apply for powder coated products).

Product codes are based on the NB (nominal bore) pipe naming convention:-

  20NB = 26.9mm OD

  25NB = 33.7mm OD

  32NB = 42.4mm OD

  40NB = 48.3mm OD

  50NB = 60.3mm OD

   65NB = 76.1mm OD

  80NB = 88.9mm OD 

  100NB = 114.3mm OD

  • ART = Adjustable rail tee
  • AAT - Adjustable angle tee
In stock

Starting at $19.60

AT5032 50NB 32NB 0.63 67 112 70
AAT5032 50NB 32NB 1.00 82 50 90
AAT8032 80NB 32NB 1.80 82 50 106
ART2532 25NB (rail) 32NB (post) 0.80 79 46 46
ART2540 25NB (rail) 40NB (post) 1.10 87 55 46

Adjustable and fixed angle Tees - Galvanised - used for connecting through and and butt pipes. Quick and easy to use and assemble fences and other structures.

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