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The aquaculture industry is a tough one for many products with the salt water and marine environment demanding products that perform and last. In many instances the products they require also have to be kind to the fish they are growing - can't damage the fish skin. Our range of PVC coated welded wire meshes have now been used in the aquaculture industry in north Queensland for nearly 2 years - our original customer keeps buying more of our product as they expand their operations.

The design, size and shape of their juvenile fish ponds required a 2 metre wide product - the welded wire mesh very successfully replaced other materials which were susceptible to damage and being eaten through by the local rodent population. The PVC coated product is gentle on the juvenile fish and adds to the longer life time & performance of the galvanised wire mesh in salty conditions.

Our customers in the aquaculture industry report of the following benefits of our 2 metre mesh:

  • reduces the need of doubling up smaller rolls
  • more durable mesh for longer lasting fences / barriers
  • easy to work with - rolls are not too heavy or cumbersome
  • increased survival rate of the juvenile fish thereby increasing the fish yield and financial returns

The PVC coated mesh is easily bent into shapes - right angle bends do not damage the PVC coating - making this very versatile product ideal for smaller cages and crab pots.

We have customers in WA using our PVC coated welded wire mesh in submerged sea applications. Normally the plain galv mesh they had used in the past would last up to 3 months - our PVC coated mesh is still going strong after more than 12 months. A much cheaper solution than using very expensive stainless steel products!

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